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    Cloud Computing
    Do you aspire to be freed
    from the weight of maintaining
    an overly complex infrastructure?
    Look no further!
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    Devices everywhere...
    Every where...
    Think outside the box and go mobile!

    By 2020 there are going to be 50-75
    billion devices flooding the market
    Limitless possibilities!
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    The Data Deluge
    The Data
    Are you overwhelmed with data?

    Don’t be. Conquer data
    and mine the hidden treasure.
    Extract the full value of your data!
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    Performance Monitoring
    Is application performance and lack of monitoring
    keeping you up at night?
    We’ll do the heavy lifting, allowing you
    to focus on more strategic business problems.
    Leave it to the experts.

Containerization / Serverless computing

We want our customers to be seen ahead in adopting new emerging cloud featuring towards containerization of the application and Continuous Integration, Delivery and Deployment (CI/CD) for faster and more reliable deployments and builds.

Cloud Migration and Disaster recovery

Migrating workloads and/or establishing Disaster Recovery leveraging cloud services is a cost effective method to allow your organization to grow and address your business needs more quickly.

Implementation and Integration

Design first-class cloud solutions that meet business needs to deliver service value while minimizing costs. This is accomplished by leveraging open source tools that are approved to be used in production environments.

DevOps Engineering

Our DevOps engineering team are very result oriented and committed to deliver the needs and can orchestrate, optimize and speed up the operations to improve business.



Today's enterprises are facing constant challenges to improve the productivity and increase the pace of delivery while undergoing tighter budgets. These are some of the challenges cloud will help solve for enterprises by eliminating the need for on premise infrastructure. We have extensive experience building cloud projects and migrating existing on premise projects.


It is estimated that there will be 50-75 billion devices flooding the market by 2020 and it is totally going to change the landscape altogether as how things will get done and all the possibilities it is going to create. We are a strong proponent of this evolving trend and our passionate team has deep skills in building apps for devices and we can help realize your goals.


With the constant evolution of devices and increased adoption of software the data volume is growing at an alarming rate. Along with it comes the challenge of extracting meaningful data that is buried in a huge pile of datasets. With the right algorithms if the data is extracted and visually presented, it helps to make very impactful decisions for businesses. Let us help you to visualize your data in a meaningful way.

Performance Monitoring

It is not surprising to come across performance issues or the challenges to keep the production software systems running round the clock. This is often caused due to the lack of prioritization, required skills and failing to recognize it early in the development cycle. Take liberty in focusing on solving your business and we can help you with performance & monitoring.

Our Team

We have a dedicated team of recruiters, who collectively attract 300+ new applicants per week. Our screening process has proven to be the best in the market, which has helped us to identify and place the most qualified resources for our esteemed customer partners. We are willing to submit up to 5 candidates for each opening to help our clients with multiple hiring options. We take pride in screening multiple candidates but providing only the best matches for consideration.

Core Values

  • Due to the strong roots with technology, we do thorough screening of candidates.
  • We work hard to identify the quality & cost-effective resources to make them an ideal fit.
  • We not only look to see the skillset match, but also look for good work ethics, "can do" attitude, high energy and positivity.
  • We treat our customer needs as our own and deliver right at the first time.

Recruitment Lifecycle

Our recruiters perform end-to-end recruiting tasks that may include sourcing, candidate interviewing and qualification, negotiating pay rates, submitting formatted resumes with detailed candidate cover notes, and conducting reference checks. Full lifecycle recruiters work during the US dayshift (Indian nightshift) so they can interact with candidates in real time. Candidates are ready to be submitted to hiring managers without being re-interviewed.

Meticulous Followups

We understand that just performing comprehensive screening and sourcing right profiles would not simply justify the recruitment process however we believe that doing great follow-up with candidates and clients right from interviews to joining formalities could only fulfill achieving the business goals.

What Our Clients Say About Us

My team worked with Wallero Technologies to build an iOS app that turned out to be a great product our users love. The project went surprisingly smooth because they are highly capable, collaborative, flexible and just great people to work with. I wouldn't hesitate to hire them again for future projects and I'm excited to see what else they'll build in the future.
Ross Marshall, Classmates
Ross Marshall, Classmates
Wallero is the most professional and punctual software company that we have ever worked with at I-BALL. They focused on OUR needs and the needs of our company as opposed to most developers, who in my experience, always have their own agenda for your needs. We couldn't be more happy with the Product that was delivered along with the timing of its deliverance. The interaction with all Wallero Executives and Employees was a 10! We will be using Wallero in the future for more projects as our business continues to develop. Thanks to the team at Wallero for making this I.T. experience a great one!
Kyle Keyes-CEO, i-Ball
Kyle Keyes CEO, i-Ball
Selecting the right engineering partner is one of the most important decisions any company makes. Wallero and the team have been incredibly effective delivering on super-tight schedules and budgets. They show up with a point of view, and adapt quickly to change. They understand our business and are quick to propose pragmatic solutions that work. We couldn't wish for better collaborators.
Peter Moon, Squawk Metrics
Peter Moon Squawk Metrics
The Wallero team is part of the ClariCare team, and they have been instrumental in the launch of our company. Consistently, they deliver – and have exceeded our expectations. From building a product strategy, to changes in scope, to incorporating customer feedback with quick turns on version release, Wallero has enabled ClariCare to have an agile approach to our development needs as we introduce product to the market.
Patrick Malloy, CoFounder & President
Patrick Malloy CoFounder & President
Wallero is a true partner. On the product we built together, I knew that they were in it as much as I was. If you're looking for a responsive, collaborative partner then Wallero is the company to use. They are committed to deliver and will up your game.
Lauren Broomall-Product Owner, Squawk Metrics
Lauren Broomall Product Owner, Squawk Metrics
Classmates.com was looking for a quick and inexpensive way to create a mobile application. We spoke to other shops who were not able to provide a lightweight approach to help us quickly and iteratively validate our hypothesis. Wallero's team quickly understood what we were trying to do and worked with us until we had an architecture designed that closely matched our current stack and would allow for quick and iterative development. The team worked closely with us on scope, architecture and direction yet autonomously in between demos. The team also provided feedback and suggestions along the way making it clear they were invested in the success of the project. Everything was well documented and clearly articulated as we moved through the process. Wallero also facilitated the setup of the system in AWS and worked with us to get our application listed in the App store. Thanks to Wallero this was a very successful engagement.
Rob Rufh-VP, Classmates
Rob Rufh VP, Classmates
We've worked with a number of different development partners over the past several months seeking the right partner that is adaptable and takes the time to understand our business while delivering state-of-the-art solutions against an aggressive timeline. Wallero has exceeded our expectations on all fronts delivering innovative solutions, on time, within budget, and in a way that has demonstrated a true partnership with our best interests in mind.
Stephen Shay-Vice President, McorpCX
Stephen Shay Vice President, McorpCX
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