Cloud Solutions

Containerization/Serverless computing

We want our customers to be seen ahead in adopting new emerging cloud featuring towards containerization of the application and Continuous Integration, Delivery and Deployment (CI/CD) for faster and more reliable deployments and builds.

Containerization helps unlock the potential of Dev and Ops. Containers eliminate the need of OS and can be deployed on any platform like, Cloud, Datacenter, Windows or Linux.

Container image is a lightweight, standalone, executable package of software that includes everything needed to run an application: code, runtime, system tools, system libraries and settings. There are many containerization providers in the market and amongst them Docker is leading. AWS, Azure or GCP support Docker solutioning for Containerization. Docker can be implemented without having to rewrite the code or applications.

  • At Wallero we have dedicated team with certified professionals who have in-depth understanding of containerization and serverless computing. Our teams engage themselves in designing, assessing and migrating the apps into containers until they are gone live to prod environment.

Cloud Migration and Disaster recovery

Migrating workloads and/or establishing Disaster Recovery leveraging cloud services is a cost effective method to allow your organization to grow and address your business needs more quickly.

Performing a transition without impacting services becomes a challenge when unplanned. Wallero can help in every aspect of smoother transitions from on-premise to cloud.

Rehost, Rearchitect, Rebuild or Replace applications or services is essentially the biggest challenge for any new cloud adoptions for enterprises. This evolution is inevitable and pays off with careful planning and execution.

  • Our experts at Wallero can help enterprises to safely migrate on-premise workloads to Cloud. They can suggest the best approach that suits customer needs whether it may be any case from Rebuild, Rehost, Rearchitect or Replace services. who are backed up with solution architects and devOps teams for guided migration plan that solves issues related to DR drills as well.

Implementation and Integration

Design first-class cloud solutions that meet business needs to deliver service value while minimizing costs. This is accomplished by leveraging open source tools that are approved to be used in production environments.

Our technical engineering and development teams together can deliver the best practices in Cloud adoption or implementation with hassle free on-boarding the perfect solutions suitable to customers.

Our range of technologies on implementation of solutions day to day expertise and we also partner with solution providers for any technical challenges that we could face challenges to taken care by. AD connect, OMS and BiZTalk services are some tools used for integration.

  • Our team of trained and certified professionals have hands on experience with cloud implementation and integration. The team is backed by Solutions Architects who can assess your business needs and provide the necessary cloud solutions.
  • Finally, our implementation team has experience with quality and timely implementation of your business needs on a cloud services platform. This is accomplished through the implementation of industry best practices and the lessons learned through our client engagements.

DevOps Engineering

Our DevOps engineering team are very result oriented and committed to deliver the needs and can orchestrate, optimize and speed up the operations to improve business.

Automation and orchestration are the two productive aspects of any organization. Service operations and deployment is being transformed with DevOps practices. DevOps helps to speed up the development and delivery of process or services. There are several tools available in the cloud market that can build a robust environment.

Enterprises need DevOps in every phase of IT. DevOps is powerful area which many companies investing these days. We support Chef, Puppet, Jenkins and other DevOps tools.

  • All our DevOps team is combination of System Admins and developers. Have expertise in both areas and can manage DevOps space systematically. They have demonstrated several PoCs. They trained several other team members on DevOps management. They upgrade themselves with latest tools in market to meet the customer needs.