About Us

About Wallero

Wallero was born out of technically savvy individuals whose life is revolving around technology and passion to solve innovative problems for customers. At Wallero we go out of our bounds to take care of our customers and employees and it is not by a choice, but by the very nature of the roots of our company. We specialize in offering solutions end to end using devices, cloud and data to unlock the capabilities that were not possible until few years ago. Within our company we use very lean process and smart automation to improve the pace of delivery and shave off the unnecessary costs and pass on the savings to our customers. Wallero has offices in Bellevue, WA and Hyderabad, India.

Our Thought Process

Customer Centric Focus

It is in our company roots to ensure the customer is fully satisfied and we spend every ounce of our energy to make sure the customer satisfaction is fully met and we mean it! We take great pride in following agile principles to have a quick turnaround to our customers and remain working hard for our customer until their goals are met.


We do not believe in organizational boundaries, which usually cause bottlenecks and hampers one’s ability to do their best job possible. We are an extended arm to our customers and we work as a trusted partner and operate as one team. We take full responsibility of our customer’s projects and give our 100% to the projects and remain honest and transparent throughout.

Success Factor

If one ever see us working way too hard and stretching ourselves at odd hours, it is to make our customer successful. At Wallero, our customer’s success is our own success and it’s truly our mantra, it gives us a deep sense of satisfaction when we flourish our customers and it is a win-win for both.